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Marvel Studios Announcements

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Ok, so I did the Star Wars announcements and my thoughts on them. Here are my thoughts on Marvel Studios's news.

First up: WandaVision. I have to say, this is the Marvel project coming out that I am the least excited for, which is saying something cause I am very excited about it. Still, it feels to me from the trailers I watched that they're hiding a lot under the surface that will only be revealed in the show. That's fine. I like to be amazed. Still, I wish there had been more footage. But there is still some stuff to unpack here. They are definitely going heavy on the sitcoms and it seems like Wanda's power will have them transferring through the decades of sitcom history. Of course, not everything is right. Things start glitching, there's a giant red wall advancing (1:08), a mysterious beekeeper looking all sinister (0:59), and Vision's Mind Stone making an appearance (1:12). I think the Mind Stone thing is a recollection of Wanda destroying it and thus Vision in Infinity War. My different theories are this. One: Wanda's mental state created all of this and she's the one doing it to herself. Two: the red wall kind of reminded me of Ultron and he came from the Mind Stone so I think he might make an appearance. Three: I heard some stuff about Mephisto (Marvel version of the Devil) and I think that might have some merit since he would want to take control of her powers and he is a master of mental manipulation. I first thought the main villain would be played by Kathryn Hahn's character Agnes (pretty sure that's Agatha Harkness) but now I'm not so sure. My guess is that Agnes (Agatha) was investigating this mental and mystical disturbance and got lost in this new reality. The same thing seems to have happened to Monica Rambeau (0:46) as she has lost her memory while in a previous trailer she was ejected from this new world and surrounded by government agents. My main theory is that someone has trapped Wanda in this seemingly perfect reality to utilize her powers. Mephisto seems like the best bet but honestly, Wanda herself is a strong contender since Elizabeth Olsen did say this show would dive into Wanda's mental illness. Guess we'll find out on January 15. Also, apparently Evan Peters is in this show, possibly reprising his role as Quicksilver from the X-Men movies. Multiverse is heating up. Also, the babies shown are Wiccan and Speed and further proof of Marvel developing Young Avengers.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This is the one I have been waiting for and I am so excited about this. Doctor Strange is one of my favorite characters in Marvel Comics and I can't wait to see him explore the Multiverse. The announcement of America Chavez being in it is pretty cool. She's a superhero could can break through the dimensions of worlds, constantly visiting the different versions of people. She will be played by Xochitl Gomez and after seeing her in The Baby-Sitters Club I am excited to see what she does. Also, America is a lesbian so I hope they address that. My main theory of this film is that the Lovecraftian villain Shuma-Gorath will take over Wanda and cause madness across the Multiverse. So there's a chance they will make an appearance in WandaVision as well.

Spider-Man 3. I am a little worried about this one cause all the rumors suggest Spider-Verse and I'm just not sure this is the right time for it. If they hint at it and show small scenes of the multiverse, then that could work towards the future, but I think making a full-on Spider-Verse movie now is a mistake. Guess we'll find out next year.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Damn this show looks so good. I mean, that end scene of the Falcon outflying those missiles in a canyon was so epic. The action looks movie good. Not much on the political commentary surrounding the shield, just hints so far, so I hope we get into that more as the release date moves up. The villains, while first seeming like U.S. Agent (the man who takes over the shield of Captain America) or Baron Zemo now appears to be the terrorists with the red handprint masks. This is Flag-Smasher, a villain from the comics who wants to dissolve all nations and the idea of nationalism and unite everybody through whatever means. Still, my money's on Baron Zemo at least being up to something sinister and U.S. Agent up to no good as well. This show will also apparently connect to Wolverine comics with the fictional island nation of Madripoor which is apparently the ultimate hive of scum and villainy for Marvel. All in all, the action looks awesome so far but hope any new footage shows more of U.S. Agent and the meaning behind the shield and who wears it.

Black Widow is keeping its release date and, unlike Warner Bros. films, will not go directly to streaming. I have mixed feelings on this. While I do like that this movie must be experienced on the big screen like it deserves to be, we still don't know what things will look like in May and I'd prefer the option of seeing it streaming just in case. Hopefully, the vaccine will be rolling out and cinemas are safer again. But for now, we don't know. So I guess we'll see when May comes.

Loki. Now this show just looks bonkers. Owen Wilson is in it, which is cool. I already love his character. The TVA, who captured Loki, stands for Time Variance Authority and basically police time. So I guess a time remnant of Loki running around causing chaos is bad. The statues and masks shown several times in the trailer (1:38) gave me a real Kang the Conquerer vibe but I somehow doubt that's him. I think that's someone else who may have a major presence. Also, hooded person (1:32), I've heard several theories online ranging from Doctor Doom to older version of Loki. Second one sounds more plausible to me. My theory is that it is Karnilla, a villain of Thor myths who usually works with Loki and has intense mystical powers. Or the Hood, a villain with supernatural powers thanks to the hood he took from a demon. Or someone else entirely. Loki jumping out a plane is apparently a nod to some mystery crime committed that was never solved so that's a fun concept. Also, seems like Heimdall's coming back since the Bifrost is active (2:24). And why does everyone think the figure in the shot 2:02 is Black Widow? Sure, it could be her. But I think more likely it's female Loki, a character hinted at early in production. Post-apocalyptic New York (2:04) doesn't look good. Also, that final shot of Loki with a vote for Loki badge on is a nod to recent comics and is just bonkers amazing. This show, described as a mystery thriller, looks so good and I cannot wait.

What If...? I have to say this one surprised me. I didn't know what I was expecting from this and I wasn't too excited but the trailer revealed totally changed all that. T'Challa as Star-Lord? Peggy Carter as Captain Britain in WWII alongside a retro Iron Man? Doctor Strange vs Evil Doctor Strange? Zombie Captain America? Yes please. Plus Jeffrey Wright as the Watcher is so cool, his voice very deep and mysterious. So I am very eager to see what this show brings.

Shang-Chi and Ms. Marvel didn't really get any real updates so just say I have the same level of excitement as before. Can't wait to see what they do.

Captain Marvel 2. Really loving Brie Larson's Captain Marvel teaming up with Ms. Marvel from TV show and Monica Rambeau from WandaVision. My main theory on the main villain is Korvac, a human who gains godlike power and becomes one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Should present a real challenge for the heroes.

Hawkeye. Confirmation of Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop. Loved her in Bumblebee, can't wait. Plus, I really want to see more of Ronin from the five-year gap. And we finally get the untold story of Hawkeye's origin based on the Swordsman (his old mentor and enemy) casting. There are rumors of Madame Masque, another supervillain, being Kate's mom. Sounds fun. But the casting of Echo, a deaf vigilante, is really cool. The actress, Alaqua Cox, is also deaf so I'm glad they're casting correctly there.

Eternals. Not much news. I was a little curious as to why they didn't give it a summer release and let Shang-Chi move ahead of it but now I think I have an idea. Both Black Widow and Shang-Chi promise to be big blockbusters that draw in crowds despite the virus, especially Asian audiences for Shang-Chi. Eternals, however, is a new property and is probably the biggest risk Marvel is taking out of all the projects. So they probably want it to release at a date when they're sure more people will leave their homes to go watch it, when almost everyone should be vaccinated.

She-Hulk. Confirmation of Tatiana Maslany as the main character as well as the Hulk showing up. But what really made me squeal with delight (literally) was the return of the Abomination from The Incredible Hulk. The fact that they are bringing back characters so long forgotten is awesome and I hope they do the same with Betty Ross and Samuel Sterns as the Leader. If Universal won't let us get another solo Hulk movie, then let's get an epic She-Hulk series instead. Also, since she's a lawyer, I really hope that means Daredevil will show up as well. Kevin Feige seemed to hint at that.

Moon Knight's still going forward. No confirmation from Oscar Isaac as the character so either talks or still ongoing or they fell through. Ah well.

Secret Invasion. That's awesome. A rogue faction of Skrulls infiltrating Earth. And I love how they're bringing Nick Fury and Talos as the main characters of this spy thriller. I wonder who else they'll bring cause this show will have to have a lot of double agents of well known characters and reveals for it to work. My hope is they finally bring in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cause they would fit right in for this show.

Ironheart. They've already cast the character which means filming should begin soon. Now this is cool cause it means that they're continuing the legacy of Iron Man in this new character.

Armor Wars. Classic Iron Man comic where his suits fall into the wrong hands. I'm glad Don Cheadle's Jim Rhodes will have his own main series and that Marvel will continue to tell Iron Man stories even if he can't be part of them. I hope they bring back Harley from Iron Man 3 for this as well as introduce some of the Iron Man villains with suits like Titanium Man or Crimson Dynamo. Also, I hope Sam Rockwell's Justin Hammer comes back cause he was fun.

Don't have much to say about the Guardians Holiday Special or I Am Groot except they both sound like fun things to watch.

Thor: Love and Thunder. I'm really excited about Christian Bale coming in to play Gorr the God Butcher. That story is revered in Marvel comics as one of the best Thor comics. I thought he would be the main villain and now I hope my other theory of major Thor villain Mangog will also show up. I also heard Lady Sif will be in this show and I'm kind of shipping her and Valkyrie. And I am wondering if they will go with the storyline of Jane Foster getting cancer cause that was major to her run as Female Thor.

No word on Blade. Shame. But should get something soon, according to Kevin Feige.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantimania. Sounds weird and fun. My main hope for this film is they go as big as their other blockbusters. The first two films were kind of small and felt safe without taking risks so hopefully this one will change that. Kang the Conquerer is a good sign, but I also kind of hope he's not the main villain as I want to see him more with the Avengers so I hope this is more his introduction. Also, don't know why they recast Cassie Lang. I liked Emma Fuhrmann and while I also like Kathryn Newton, I hope they had a legitimate reason for recasting the role. I don't think it's that Newton has a bigger profile as an actress cause they cast a first time actress as Ms. Marvel. I guess we'll see. Also, just learned that Michelle Pfeiffer said it was releasing in 2022. So, guess that means we're getting 5 films in 2022. YES!

Black Panther II. I am glad they're not recasting the role. Chadwick Boseman made the character his and I really can't envision anyone else in the role. Of course, now I worry how they'll handle the absence and I hope they don't just kill him off-screen cause that seems disrepsectful somehow. Hopefully they'll take the Leia approach and use deleted footage to give him an ending. They also have recordings of Boseman from What If...? so maybe that will help.

Fantastic 4. That I am super excited for as they are a property that should make an epic film and yet no one has done right. Jon Watts managed to reinvent Spider-Man in a great way for audiences so I am on board for him to direct Fantastic 4. Let's pray he does it right this time.

Basically what I'm saying here is that all these projects sound epic and promising, with varying levels of excitement from me ranging from excited to super excited. Marvel Studios is clearly not slowing down after Endgame. In fact, they're speeding up and all their projects sound epic and awesome while also deep and poignant. I can't wait to see what they have in store.

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