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Percy Jackson: The Battle of the Labyrinth's Action Scenes Ranked

This is the part in the story where two things happen: one, the overall story really kicks into high gear as it sets everything up for the grand finale, and two, the characters really begin to show their growth as they've changed over the course of the books. Both Grover and Annabeth, whose character arcs have meandered in the last two books, are suddenly prominent again and Percy is forced into even more difficult decisions and choices. The Titan War looms over the book as Camp Half-Blood is the next target, leading to the first actual full-scale battle in the series. And through it all, the Labyrinth snakes its way as a main antagonist on its own.

With this book, Riordan didn't draw on any specific hero but instead just focused on the myth of the Labyrinth, drawing on any monster or Greek myth he hadn't used as extra challenges for the heroes. In this book, the action reaches the next level as things get more tense and exciting, Riordan emphasizing just how high the stakes are for things to get this serious. Again, there are major spoilers here so if you'd rather not do that, then don't read. Just go get the book and enjoy that first. And if you proceed anyway, well, I warned you.

10. Scorpions

This fight scene is pretty short and almost meaningless which is why it's ranked at the bottom. Here, in the new war games for the camp, the campers are tasked with hunting these scorpions. Unfortunately, three target Percy and Annabeth at once, forcing them to retreat into the caves. That's when they fall into a new cavern which turns out to be an entrance to the mysterious Labyrinth and, most unfortunately, an invasion route past the camp's barriers for the Titan Army. The action itself was short but it led to an even more important and tense moment which is why it made the list.

9. The Sphinx

As with all Greek monsters, it was only a matter of time before they each make their debut and this is the Sphinx's turn. The infamous monster that devours anyone that doesn't answer her riddle. Here is where Riordan adds his famous sense of humor as the Sphinx no longer asks the riddle but instead twenty random questions on specific topics. This also shows Annabeth's sense of pride as she considers such questions an insult to her intelligence and refuses to answer them, leading to the fight scene. The action is short but sweet as the team easily takes care of the Sphinx. She's too powerful for them to defeatt ouright but they're able to escape her easily enough. The whole scene might seem pointless but it's clearly just to give Annabeth a moment to shine as well as Tyson who faces his fear of the monster to save Annabeth.

8. Kelli and Tammi

These cheerleaders feel like they stepped right out of Buffy as they're actual Greek vampires preying on high-schoolers and they have the honor of being the book's first threat. With Percy starting at a new school, he runs into old acquaintance Rachel Elizabeth Dare who can see through the Mist and knows exactly who the monsters are. This leads to the two being cornered by the empousai (as they're called) and it's only thanks to Rachel that Percy isn't enamored by them. Unfortunately, Kelli is too powerful and comes very close to killing him. Instead, she starts to burn down the school, leaving Percy to take the blame as usual. It's a tense scene that starts the book off with a smash and also brings Rachel into the story, introducing just how important she really is.

7. Jailbreak

One of the group's random stops while traveling the Labyrinth is at Alcatraz where the monster Kampê, the jailer of Tartarus, has taken roost to imprison Briares, last of the Hundred-Handed-Ones. She is without a doubt the most powerful monster to date and one of Percy's greatest threats. Here, when the group is able to free Briares, all they can do is run from her as fast as they can, leading to one of the most tense scenes as they get chased all over Alcatraz and back into the Labyrinth, coming close to dying as none of their attacks have any effect. Kampê may be one of the most unknown monsters in Greeky myths, often just an odd mention in the stories, but Riordan gives her the chance to shine and makes her a real threat.

6. Geryon

Another random stop in the Labyrinth brings the group to Triple G Ranch, run by Geryon, the monster with three chests and thus three hearts, making him very hard to kill. When they learn of how he abuses the animals in his ranch and his plans to give Nico away to the Titan Army, Percy squares off against him. As said, his three hearts make him hard to kill, forcing Percy to think of how to beat him as they need to be struck all at once. Percy eventually uses a bow and arrow and, thanks to some godly help, he manages to strike true despite his complete uselessness with a bow, bringing the monster down. Geryon wasn't much of a fighter, but his extra lives gave him the edge that almost made him win.

5. Arena

One of the last random stops in the Labyrinth where the group is captured by the Titan Army and Percy is forced into an arena to duel with several opponents. The first one is of no consequence but the second is an actual challenge as he faces off against Ethan Nakamura who is a good fighter. Still, the scene doesn't get really good until Percy fights his godly half-brother Antaeus whose abilities ensure that as long as he stays connected to the ground, he can't die. One of Percy's more dangerous fights as Antaeus is a full-on brawler, coming close to killing Percy a few times and forcing him to think up a solution. It takes him a while but he is able to trick his opponent and lead him away from the ground, dangling him above the earth where he's able to finally defeat him. A close call but Percy has shown his ingenuity in dangerous situations.

4. Mount St. Helens

This is without a doubt one of the times Percy has come to the verge of dying. Sent on a small side quest by Hephaestus to investigate the forge at Mount St. Helens, Percy and Annabeth run into ancient sea-dog-demons called Telekhines taht swiftly overwhelm the two. Knowing only one can escape, Percy gets Annabeth to leave and holds off the elder monsters but they outmaneuver him, nearly burning him alive. Percy is forced to go all out on his power, unleashing his sea-god heritage that destroys the entire forge and leaves him comatose, nearly killing him. It's an impressive display of Percy's raw power and one of the most tense moments as it does make the reader question how Percy will make it out of this one.

3. Kronos's Return

This is the tensest scene in the entire book as Kronos's plan is revealed where he is resurrected in Luke's body, finally making his triumphant return to the mortal world and becoming the true antagonist of the series. It also shows just how powerful he is as Percy attempts to stop him but is no match, nothing more than a slight irritation to the Titan. It's only thanks to his friends and Kronos's adjustment to his new form that allows Percy to escape. Still, Kronos makes a terrifying entrance that moves the series into the final stretch.

2. The Battle of Daedalus's Workshop

The entire quest was about stopping the still-alive Daedalus from aiding the Titan Army in invading Camp Half-Blood. But, like with most series, they're too late and then Daedalus gets betrayed, leading to an epic fight scene in his workshop. There are two major scenes that elevate the fight, one being Nico redeeming himself and finally growing as he faces off against mentor turned enemy Minos and banishes the ghost away. The other is when Percy fights Kelli but is outmatched, nearly dying before Annabeth comes to his rescue. It would have been cooler to have a more prolonged fight with the vampire, but this works too. A short fight scene that was just a prelude to the final battle.

1. The Battle of the Labyrinth

The final battle of the book and the moment that was foreshadowed from the very start as the Titan Army invades the camp with the determination to wipe out everyone there. This is the first real battle scene in the series as the two armies clash and it tops everything that's come before. There are too many cool scenes to choose from Grover's new power, Nico's attack, or Daedalus's return. But the highlight of the whole fight is Kampê's arrival, their most dangerous foe yet. She could probably wipe them all out on her own and nearly does. Percy and Annabeth take her on but are no match, nearly dying at her blades before Briares makes a triumphant return, finishing the monster off with one epic move that redeems him. Sadly, the battle does have consequences with a few characters dying, a precursor to what the next book holds in store.

And that's it for The Battle of the Labyrinth. There are a couple scenes missing here, such as the stable cleaning scene which gave a hint at Percy's true power. Again, I hope all my readers enjoyed this and that, if you haven't read the series, that you didn't mind getting spoiled.

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