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Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian Action Scenes Ranked

The final book in the series where everything gets turned up to 11. As with almost everything he writes, Rick Riordan saved the best for last as this book is filled to the brim with epic and gripping fight scenes that leave the reader on the edge of their seats. The final battle between Kronos and the Olympians as the Titan King invades Manhattan with only Camp Half-Blood in his way. This whole book is a non-stop, can't-put-down thrill ride that truly puts a close on the Percy Jackson series (until Heroes of Olympus rolled around)

Again, there are major spoilers here so if you'd rather not do that, then don't read. Just go get the book and enjoy that first. And if you proceed anyway, well, I warned you.

10. Helicopter Rescue

This action scene wasn't completely necessary, it just follows the rules of the plot that Riordan set out and does give Annabeth a moment of coolness. Here, Rachel, after having visions of Percy in danger, comes rushing in on her family's private helicopter. Unfortunately, thanks to Morpheus's spell, the second the machine passes into Manhattan, the pilot falls asleep (though Rachel doesn't, providing a hint at her abilities), sending the helicopter and Rachel plummeting. Annabeth and Percy mount a quick rescue that injures their pegasus but is successful, Annabeth able to regain control and pilot the machine down. A short action scene that really just serves to get Rachel back into the main story. Fun, and a little tense, but not that great compared to what else is in the book.

9. Percy v. Hades

For most of the first half of the book, Percy goes on a quest to gain the power Luke did to become Kronos i.e. the power of invincibility in battle like Achilles. He has battled the Titan twice before now and been soundly beaten both times, leading to him making this decision. Unfortunately, he was slightly betrayed by Nico and handed over to Hades. Later, Nico rescues Percy and fulfills their goal, letting Percy gain the power. At that moment, Hades shows up leading to Percy's fight with him. Thing is, at that moment, Percy has become so powerful that he completely singlehandedly obliterates Hades's army and strikes the god down. It's a one-page sequence of epicness. Now, Percy isn't powerful enough to actually take Hades down but he is strong enough to do some damage, leading to Hades's retreat before that can happen. It is severely cool to see Percy reach that level of power and readers cannot wait to see how he measures up to his enemies now.

8. Party Ponies

During the second battle in the Invasion of Manhattan, the heroes are being forced back and are on the verge of being defeated when help suddenly arrives in the form of the Party Ponies, Chiron's infamous cousins from all across the States. The cavalry literally arrives, wasting all the enemy forces and giving the heroes a breather. The scene is short which is why it's not ranked higher but it's a very hyped scene, showing just how powerful the chaotic centaurs are. It also has some of the funniest lines from the centaurs, the Hawaiian one in particular.

7. Typhon

The Father of All Monsters. Hinted at in the last book, the giant has awoken and begun his march across the States, bringing nothing but utter devastation in his wake. There are a few scenes showing the gods fighting him but even they can't do much to slow his advance, the monster far too powerful. It's only when he reaches Manhattan, and thanks to Percy's plea, that Poseidon arrives with his army to overwhelm the giant and bring him down. The power of the gods is presented throughout the books so to see them fighting desperately for the first time is a sight.

6. The Sow

One of Percy's strangest fights but no less deadly as the flying pig appears on the battlefield and wreaks havoc, proving to be a truly dangerous threat. Percy is forced to go after it, swinging on a rope through the streets of Manhattan and then on the back of Blackjack the pegasus on a high-speed chase. The scene is more comedic than gripping but it's still a whole lot of fun. In the end, thanks to the help of the nearby statue-automatons, Percy is able to bring the pig down. The scene is really just a way to showcase the many different monsters Kronos has summoned in his army. Still, a lot of fun and one of the best scenes in the book.

5. Princess Andromeda

The opening sequence of the book that literally starts things off with a bang. The Princess Andromeda has had a major presence for the last few books as a main setting in the second one and as a plot piece in the third one. The main headquarters for Kronos's army. So, Percy and Charles Beckendorf go to blow it up and take out a major component of the Titan Army. Unfortunately, things go south quickly and Percy is forced to cause a distraction while Beckendorf prepares the explosives. The best part here is where Percy is forced to fight a gigantic crab, using his own skills and random knowledge to win the day. Then, he faces off against Kronos himself and comes too close to dying, seriously outmatched. Sadly, Beckendorf is captured as well and tells Percy to go, sacrificing himself to destroy the ship as Percy escapes. The whole fight sequence was pure adrenaline but Riordan also reminds the reader of the stakes involved and the consequences with a minor character causing a punch to the gut with his death.

4. The Drakon

One of the most dangerous monsters in Kronos's arsenal that he uses to weaken the heroes' defenses. Drakons have been periodically mentioned throughout the books but this is the first time one's made a full-on appearance. Like a dragon, but much more dangerous, the monster annihilates all attacks on it with Percy and Annabeth coming close to death despite their own assault. Then, Clarisse la Rue alongside the Ares campers comes rushing into battle to defeat the monster. Except, it's not her but Silena who tricked the campers into coming to lure Clarisse, who had stayed behind from an attack on her pride, back into the battle. Clarisse does arrive but only in time for Silena to be killed. Enraged, Clarisse goes on a one-woman assault and decimates the drakon easily, showing how powerful she is. One of the most intense fight scenes that still has tragedy in it.

3. Percy v. Hyperion

Shown at the start of the book, Hyperion, the Titan of the East, arrives on the battle scene for an epic match against Percy. Thanks to the Curse of Achilles, Percy is the only one who stands a chance. What follows is an epic duel with both using their powers to the fullest, Percy even leveling up by creating a hurricane around him. This duel is one of the best moments in the whole series and shows just how much Percy has grown in strength since the first book as he's able to go toe-to-toe with one of the most powerful Titans. Still, he would have been in trouble if Grover hadn't come to the rescue, all the satyrs using their nature magic on the weakened Hyperion to turn him into a maple tree, a funny and awesome end to the villain.

2. The Williamsburg Bridge

The first battle of the invasion that shows just how much trouble the heroes are in. Starting off with a duel between Percy and the revived Minotaur that was a sweet callback to the first book and again shows how strong Percy is now as he easily handles the monster. He then single-handedly wipes out the invading force...or at least, part of it as Kronos himself arrives with fresh troops that push Percy back. Even with his new invincible powers, Percy struggles and then comes very close to death if Annabeth hadn't stepped in, taking a knife wound that would have killed him. In the end, still outmatched by the Titan King though able to trade a few blows in epic fashion, Percy is forced to use his powers to destroy the bridge and buy the heroes more time. The whole scene is just epic action and starts the invasion off on a high note, though still tragic with more characters dying, Riordan still balancing out the action with the cost of war.

1. The Final Battle

Of course this had to top the list. The whole series has been leading to the final confrontation. With Chiron being swatted away by Kronos to Nico's and then Hades's epic arrival on the battlefield, bringing an army of undead warriors to combat the monster horde (definitely one of the best entrances in a book). Even Percy's mom and stepdad get their moments. But the real battle is in the throne room of Olympus with the original trio of Percy, Annabeth, and Grover fighting the Titan King in an epic duel of skill and power. Ethan Nakamura even gets a chance to shine though his redemption arc could have used some work. Percy's fight with Kronos is pure adrenaline with readers literally on the edge of their seats. But in the end it's Annabeth who's the victor, breaking through to Luke and enabling him to defeat Kronos at the cost of his life. The whole series built up to this moment and it did not disappoint, Riordan ending the series with a big and satisfactory bang. The only real problem I had was that Thalia was waylaid in an annoying way but I understand Riordan wanted the trio in the final battle so I'll let it slide.

And that's it for 'The Last Olympian' and the Percy Jackson series as a whole. There are a couple scenes missing here, such as Percy meeting the East and Hudson River Gods or a short scene of him taking down a Hyperborean Giant. Again, I hope all my readers enjoyed this and that, if you haven't read the series, you didn't mind getting spoiled. Well, thanks for reading my lists but that's it for now. We'll see if I do Heroes of Olympus.

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