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Two New Books

Presenting my next two projects which I will be working on simultaneously. The Amber Mage will tell the story of a young girl whose friend mysteriously disappears. And on her search to find him, she is introduced to a world of magic with creatures, places, and people beyond her wildest imaginations. Now, Megan must undertake a quest to find her friend and stop a villain on her own quest to achieve omnipotent power. I also added in a talking snake, a woman constantly dreaming, and a being made only of mist and thunder. Magic and fantasy were basically what I was raised on so I am so excited to be bringing my own take to life now.

ManDemon will be my first approach into horror, telling the story of a young man who is suddenly possessed by a demon. Now, he's being hunted by the ancient order of Templar knights who operate with drones, guns, and jetpacks. On the run with nowhere to turn, Nathan must try to harness his newfound demon power, deal with his new dark roommate, and try to survive for the next few days as danger lurks at every turn. In this tale, I wanted to explore how what we think is true just from hearing it may not be as demons are always said to be evil. But why? Because they look like monsters and have strange, dark powers?

Super excited about these two new stories. My other books, Shadow Ninja and Exceptionals: Dawn of Potentials already have their first chapters posted here and hoping to get published soon. Until then, I'm going to work on these and start planning a plethora of other content. Stay tuned.

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